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When you get a crazy idea (and your friends make it happen)

How could we make Togetherness Benches distinctive? That's the question I was wrestling with when the idea came to me. What if we could carve the word, Togetherness, into metal plates and affix the plates to the benches? This would give us a really cool way to brand the benches and activate local programs around each bench.

Then I remembered my former employer, AmpThink, owns a metal fabrication facility in Texas. So I called my old boss, told him that I was trying to end loneliness in America, I was building benches to raise awareness, and asked for his help.

Without hesitation, he said, "yes."

Thanks to my friend's generosity, when the benches are complete they'll each have three different plates: 2 (base plates) attached to the legs, and one (face plate) attached to the backrest of the bench.

The face plates will span the entire 5.5' width of the benches. Each will have the bench's sponsor logo carved into it along with the word TOGETHERNESS.

Each face plate will also feature a unique QR code. This code will be lead visitors to the bench's website, which will include features like a guest book (a feature being build by another buddy) where friends can post photos or videos from their time on the benches along with links to other content or resources the bench sponsor wants to offer to their audiences.

Our first finished Togetherness Benches are rolling off the production line this week. I couldn't let this milestone pass without taking time to thank my friends at AmpThink for helping make this crazy vision become reality.

Stay tuned for more great news coming out of Indianapolis where we're planning our first Togetherness Bench Rally. There's talk of building a 20-foot long Togetherness Bench there. More details coming soon!

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