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A major problem & a root cause...

Loneliness is a public health crisis that is impacting 43% of American adults. It is more dangerous than obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Chronic loneliness alters the immune system causing an array of mental and physical illnesses.

It can even lead to violent behavior.


The Togetherness Bench Partnership is a grassroots campaign to reduce loneliness by rebuilding social infrastructure and promoting friendship.


How the Partnership works

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In Your City

Community leaders decide to join the Togetherness Bench Partnership to address the loneliness crisis.

At your locations

Site hosts collaborate to personalize bench designs and determine bench placements.

For Your People

Activation strategies are developed for each location to maximize awareness and engagement around the benches

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Togetherness Benches work outdoors or indoors

In neighborhoods

On playgrounds

In parks

On campuses

On walking paths

Company grounds

Apartment complexes

Retail locations

Entertainment venues

Shopping districts

At events and festivals


Become a partner

The Togetherness Bench Partnership is looking for ambassadors, experts, influencers and donors in cities around the U.S. Drop us a line if you're interested in helping this campaign gain ground.


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